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Summer heat is not my friend



Alright I admit it, as heavy person summer isn't my friend. The good news is the weight is still coming off so hopefully that will help.


The problem however is tonight. I came home from work, hot and not feeling well. I took a shower but that hasn't helped my head or my stomach, both of which ache. I took an aspirin and plan to get bed shortly. Still wasn't sure why I felt so miserable, so i also took my temp which is reading 101 degrees at the moment. Lucky me. Summer time and running a temp in this heat. Grr.


Oh well hopefully the damn thing will break during the night. Off to bed. Hope everyone else is feeling okay.


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Grief I was watching the news on that freak storm system that hit the US this weekend. It looked mad.

You guys are not having a good summer this year. It gets hot here, but nothing like that. Hell I don't envy you Wayne.

I think I'd struggle with heat that bad! :/

Hope you get some cooler weather soon bud. x

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I know exactly what u mean Wayne. Hot as hell here. The devil was even sitting on the steps of the church this morning when I drove by, waiting to get in. That is hot. I hope u feel better. Glad u are having success with your weight loss. That is always an accomplishment to be proud of. HUGS

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The heat definitely sucks. And great to hear you are continuing to lose the weight. Its definitely not easy but will pay hugely in the long run. As Joann said, its a huge accomplishment to be proud of. :)

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