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Writing Prompts #158 & #159



Did everyone catch the full moon last night? It's the first of two this month so the August 31 Full moon will be a "blue moon". Let's see what extra creativity hits us all this month.


To aid you, Comicfan has come up with two terriffic writing prompts. I hope you try one or both and share you efforts with the community in the Writing Prompts Forum.


Prompt 158 – Creative
Cue – First Line
“Momma always said there would be days like this.”


Prompt 159 – Creative
Cue – List of Words
Use the following words in a story : honeymoon, stripper, elk, broken down truck, and a jock strap.


Hmmm - looking at these, who knows - you might even do one combining BOTH prompts :-)


Looking at other previous prompt responses, I found one that I really enjoyed. It was Andy021278 response to Prompt 155: You really have had enough of being everyone’s perfect little teenager. So for prom you have decided it was time to be dangerous. Little did you know what you were getting yourself into with your choice of prom dates. What went wrong?


On top of being just a great response, it is also his 30th prompt story and longest to date. And here is his take on the Good Kid:

I’d tired of being the good kid. The kid who always did his homework, the kid who was never sent to the headmaster, the kid who was loved by his teachers, the kid who had never even so much as smoked a cigarette behind the bike sheds. Well damn it! I’m sixteen years old and I decided it was time to grab life by the horns and live a little.


It was prom in a few days time and I’d had the devil’s own trying to find a date. My first thought was to ask Steven Short or Darryl Chambers. Both boys are really cute, but both of them are bigger apple polishers than I am; than I was, I mean. I’d considered asking Marcus O’Callaghan, but he’s so far in the closet it isn’t even funny; and by so far in, I mean the idiot has even gone to the extremes of getting some poor girl pregnant. Then I thought about asking Chris . . . then I thought about not asking Chris . . . then I thought about asking Chris again.


Now if there was a bad boy in school it was Christopher Peters and he was the complete opposite of me. He was probably the most feared boy in school; not because he was a bully or anything, but simply because of the way he was. He was sullen and rude to the teachers but never the other kids, he swore in front of the teachers, and he had smoked since he started coming here at the age of eleven; he never even bothered to hide it, doing so openly in the playground. He was so brazen that he even started smoking in class, in full view of the teachers, as he knew they were all too afraid to say anything about it; that was what really cemented his bad boy image I think. Little did I realise at the time, there a very good reason why Chris had been allowed to get away with so much.


He’d behaved like this since he started here, and I had no idea if it was all for show, or if he really was such a bad boy. He’d been suspended over his behaviour on numerous occasions, but had never done anything to warrant expulsion, possibly the headmaster was too afraid to expel him; that also helped with his bad boy image.


As far as an anti-schoolboy goes, Chris was revered and feared; not as a god, but as The God. He was viewed as a combination of Kiefer Sutherland in ‘The Lost Boys’, Heath Ledger in ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ and River Phoenix in ‘Stand By Me’; with just a dash of The Terminator thrown in for good measure.


Cool start, eh? It gets even better, and you can find his complete story here.


So enjoy Andy021278's story, and then take a leap of faith and try one of your own, using the two prompts above (or combine them), or any of our previous 157 prompts in the Writing Prompts forum. There are no right or wrong ways to do this - just take a chance, put in some effort and see what people think. To be honest, getting the feedback on some of these simple exercises sometimes is invaluable in the long run to being a better writer.


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