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Job Fail



I've got only about three months until my student loans are due, and I still haven't found a job. God, this sucks.


I just got a rejection email today for a tour guide job I interviewed for, so I'm feeling a bit crappy. I'm getting to the point where I'm just going to try and go for any job that I can get, instead of one related to my major.


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It's a question of priorities and experience. You have to get something coming in until you can leapfrog into your dream job, or something you really like. It's possible to be too proud to pay your bills. My dad went there, with a master's degree in bacteriology, in the 50's. He ultimately did what he could and what he had to in order to support a young family, 'til he found a great job in Houston.


Many people I know are working in fields other than their major. People who studied political science and engineering are working in municipal contracting for public works. Architects are working in wage compliance enforcement. Ph.D's are working in the Quikee Mart. Just don't wait too long, and if you land A job, don't get complacent.


Take care of yourself. Form and keep up good habits. And work full-time to get a full-time job. Best of luck.

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Something tells me when you picked your major, you were already ready to "take any job" you can get afterwards.


Oh and since you take so much concern to age, time, and what not, remember they say that 90% of your life's habits and definition are determined by the time you're 30. So chop chop old man, you're edging towards the pit of permanent mediocrity wink.png

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I feel ya.


Not that long ago I lost the job I "wanted" at this downtown law firm after being put through this mind fuck of a waiting game and wallowed in a temp state of "my life sucks" for dayyyys but I ended up finding and accepting a position infinitely better I am thanking GOD and sending fruit baskets to the law firm for NOT hiring me earlier cuz I woulda missed out on my current opportunity which is a solid stepping stone into my actual career of interest rather than some obscure blip job that anyone can get. So...losing that tour guide bullshit could be a blessing in disguise.

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