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Featured Story: Furlough



Hard to believe we're in the last week of September... Hoping you're enjoying your fall, and at the same time - here's a great review by Radiant Renee Stevens to get you through your day!





Mark Arbour


Reviewer: Renee Stevens
Status: Complete
Word Count: 5,206


Back in May I did a review of Hosted Author: Mark Arbour’s story Wars End. In the comments, he had made the comment that it was a continuation of one of his previous anthology stories, Furlough. I didn’t know that at the time, but he also said that he liked Furlough better as well as gave some insight into what prompted the two stories in the first place. I decided I needed to read the other story so that I could form my own opinion on which I like better. In answer to that, it’s a really tough call as I really liked both of them.


Furlough has the two main characters, both of them soldiers during World War I. Jack is a soldier from Canada who is on leave in Paris. He quite literally trips over Gabriel in his quest for two. There are a few misconceptions from their first meeting, but rather than being humorous, they are heart wrenching. Both men are suffering from what they have endured during the course of the war. For Jack, the majority of his issues are on the inside, for Gabriel, he has much more permanent, and physical, problems. Both of them need to find some type of healing, but for Jack, he only has a few days before he has to go back to the frontline.


This tale goes through so many emotions for being such a short tale that it really showcases Mark’s ability to draw the reader in and make them empathize with the main characters. In my opinion, there are very few authors who can really make a reader care for the characters in a short story, but Mark is definitely one of them.


If you haven’t already read this story, I highly suggest that you do so. I seriously doubt that you will be disappointed. Also, if you enjoy it, I would recommend that you immediately go and read “Wars End.” Together the stories are just over 11,000 words. Also, if you enjoy them, then why not leave Mark a review and let him know!


To read my previous review of Wars End as well as see what was Mark’s inspiration for the two stories, visit the other blog entry here.


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Thanks Renee! Of the two, I like this one better. I was inspired to write this after spending a lot of time reading about WWI, and the horrors of trench warfare.

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They are both well written, and after seeing some of the historical film I'd say very accurate!

Can anyone tell me why Mark Arbour hasn't posted anything new lately? He's usually posted one or two chapters a week, but nothing has shown up in about a month or so. I do hope he's alright, and I miss his continuations.

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