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Featured Story: Memories Of Forgotten Love



Start of another week and here at the GayAuthors.org News Blog, we want to help you start on a great footing with a review by Radiant Renee Stevens of our Hosted Author Nephylim's Memories of Forgotten Love. This fantastic story was Nephy's entry in our first Novella contest in 2009, and I remember reading it - riveted to each passing event. I hope you enjoy Renee's review and check out Nephy's story for yourself. Enjoy!





Reviewer: Renee Stevens
Status: Complete
Word Count: 48,733


Nephylim is an amazing storyteller, which is why I always enjoy reading her work. I couldn’t remember if I had read “Memories of Forgotten Love” before but once I started reading I realized I had. It was certainly no hardship to read it again, and to be honest; it was almost as if I was reading it for the first time.


The story follows Noah, a young man recounting his experience of waking up in the hospital with no idea how he got there. He has a brain injury and has no recollection of his past. He even has to relearn things such as talking, walking, etc. He has visitors that he doesn’t remember, not the least of which is his family, friends, and Luke. All he knows is that him and Luke used to be friends. Enough people tell him that, but he knows that there is still something that they are keeping from him, he just wished he knew what it was.


There is a lot of angst while Noah tries to cope with all the things he doesn’t know, especially those he feels he should know. This story is full of emotion with an underlying mystery that continues to unravel the further you read. There are twists that as a reader I wasn’t expecting and a few that I kind of guessed about. Even those that I guessed about were brought about in a way that surprised me.


If you’ve never read anything by Nephy before, then this story would be a great first story of hers to read. It’s one of her shorter chapter stories, but it is no less enjoyable than those stories of hers that are over 100K. I highly recommend this story to anyone who wishes for a story that will pull you in and not let you go.

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Recommended Comments

Everytime I read this story, my mind enters into my purposeful-super-calm-mode, and I start devising plans on how to torture the man, again and again, while keeping him alive and lucid all through out. How to push him to the very brink of death and then pull him up again to restart the cycle! Torture him for so long that he loses his identity, turns into a piece of meat, yet understand how much he deserves it. Torture him so much that he begs for death. I have the knowledge and the tools. Tokyo declaration be damned and so be the consequences... That is how I feel everytime I read this. So, I guess a story that can produce such a strong emotional response is worth your time. Nephylim is my favourite. And I like this one too. Only I am a little dissatisfied on the wretched man's fortune in the end. See for yourself! I think that many will agree with me.

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