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I was going to just do a status update, but it was getting a little long for that, so I decided to do a blog entry instead.


I kinda hate myself for doing this, but I finally went home and left my Mom at the ER with my dad and sister. I didn't want to leave, but my Mom was worried about me being able to drive home safely (I work 10 hours shifts and by the time I get off of work, I am exhausted). So after the fifth or so request for me to go home and get some rest, I went.


I am getting updates through my sister on my phone. When I left they were on the fence about letting her go home. The ER doc told me he would talk to the hospitalist (who the hell is that)?!? and let us know whether she could go home or should stay for more tests. When I asked how long this would take (we were going on 7 hours in the ER at this point) the doc told me no more than 20 minutes. An hour later he still hadn't shown back up and a few minutes a got another text from my sister...2 hours, still waiting. I hope they at least get her into a room and move her out of the damn hallway.


Worse part is, no one seems to know what is wrong. She can't stand up and walk without having episodes of nausea, dizziness, fainting and she shakes like crazy after just walking a few feet or sitting up for a while. And she exercises, eats well, takes her medicine and just takes really good care of herself. I have no idea. We've ruled out low blood sugar, the ultrasound of her stomach was all clear, she's have 4 EKGs over the last several days, all are normal. CT scan was fine, chest X-ray fine.


My Mom has currently surpassed my cousin for longest ER stay. And at least I got to brush up on my skills for terrorizing nurses (no disrespect, nurses are awesome, but I will be damned if I was going to sit there for one more minute watching my Mom be ignored).


Hoping for the best.


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Hoping all goes well Cassie :)

Make sure she drinks enough, I know from experience the awful effects of dehydration, and older people are notorious for not drinking enough. :hug:

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I hope that your mom gets better Cassie! With symptoms like that I would wonder if she didn't have some sort of imbalance. I'm sure they'll do all the tests that she needs. My sister had similar symptoms to those and kept passing out, and it turned out to be thyroid problems. :hug:

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Sorry to hear about your mom :( I hope she gets into a room soon and that they can figure out what's wrong.

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