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Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead



So my manager returned to work early last week, and her welcome back was, shall we say, less than friendly.


She has received several size sevens up her backside (primarily from her manager and the manager who was covering for her), and the top information manager for the hospital (who I've only met once) apparently jumped on her with both feet.


We had our team meeting this morning, and we have been told that our manager has just tended her resignation - though we all think she was probably asked to. So, only four weeks left, then we will be free of her.


The new database has passed all QA checks, and went live on Monday. It's working well, so at least all of my hard work is paying off.


So join with me and my fellow downtrodden:



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Congratulations, Andy. Do you know who the likely successor is? Might it be you? You apparently did a good job on the database project.

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Well, I don't like to take delight in somebody else getting the boot. However, she was a bit of a nasty piece of work to her colleagues by the sounds of things, and that just gets me very angry. I've suffered that shit.


Well done to you Andy for maintaining your dignity and getting on with it meantime. I wouldn't have been able to be quite as levelheaded about it.


So, all in all, I believe for once I can justify the Ding Dong message. Maybe even a :rofl::P

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