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First anniversary



So yesterday was my GA first anniversary.


When I first came to GA it was really just to read some brilliant stories, and hopefully find a few authors I'd never read before.


I really didn't plan or even expect to be where I am now - having posted 15 stories (and 30 some prompt stories) and 127k+ words, and recently having joined the blog team. I certainly didn't expect to get to know so many great people - I'm not gonna start naming names because there's just too many of you great people out there in GA land.


When I started posting my stories I received some much needed encouragement (and the occasional boot up the jacksie) from Cia. Without her help and input, I know I wouldn't be enjoying writing as much as I do.


So I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone here who has made this such a great place to be over the past year. Whether you've read any of my stories and left reviews, whether we've been catching up in chat, or having fun in the forums, this has been a great place to be.


I guess I should end with a thank you to Myr for all his hard work keeping this great place up and running.


Well, here's to the next 365 days!!



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