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Featured Story: Wintery Wanderland

Renee Stevens


What a week! So, how did everyone like the new weekly schedule for the blog? I have to say that it was nice to have things up for more than a day so that even more members were able to see and respond to the blogs. This week, we're starting out with a review of a Promising Author. Johnathan Colourfield was kind enough to provide us with this review of a story by Formosa! Hope you enjoy it and perhaps even take this opportunity to check the story out for yourself!




Reviewer: Johnathan Colourfield
Status: Complete
Word Count: 3,722


The very opening of the story makes the reader worry. Two tipsy teenagers in the wood. This doesn’t bode well for the story. It starts the reader off on a judgmental point of view. However, Formosa effectively tackles this idea through the use of the abundant imagery in the snow.


Sadly, there are one or two editing issues within the story however this does not detract from how much of an effective story this is.


This story was a masterpiece in terms of its suspense. It even plays with the reader, with one of the two characters suggesting they are going to encounter a polar bear that escaped from the zoo. If this isn’t teasing the reader, I don’t know what is. This playful nature that Formosa uses is effective, because it should undermine the rest of the suspense within the story but instead it plays off the readers carnal emotion: fear. This fear is intensified through particularly the setting.


My favourite section, came in a very simple section where the two characters are having a small talk:


He puckered his lips, on which flakes fell and seemed to instantly melt.


“You were smooched, too?” I asked, wanting to know. Wanting to do the same.


This is a small snippet from a beautiful story. It is not your typical gay love story, in fact you are not even sure if the second character is gay because the attraction is never directly stated. This shows that Formosa is a master in implicature – implying information for the reader to read how he or she likes. This is an excellent use of the technique and recommend this to any authors!


This is also a masterclass in identity. This story never identifies either of the character and yet we feel like we know them well. The premise is simple, one character likes the other and never knows if it will be reciprocated. Although, towards the end of the story we get the feeling that it will someday develop. Just wish Formosa had taken these characters that little bit further!


As a reader, I’m dying to know more!


Well done!


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I read this one a while ago and enjoyed it as well.


I agree Renee. The new pace of the blog allows for more community involvement, especially as not everyone is on GA every day.

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I really did enjoy the mystery of this story :)


The blog is great where it is - I like being able to have the time to read without the pressure of oh theres another one tommorow *panic* :P

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