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Why Be Angry



I have had plenty of time to sit and try to get my head around a few things... One, I was very upset at the cliquish groups that are here.. I felt as if I were back in High School... I mean I understand that not everyone will like you and this is okay. However, When there are those who make it plain and evident this is what they are doing, then this is where I use to have a problem with. This is no longer the deal.. I could care less who doesn't want to get to know the real me...

it is their loss not mine. It is easy to be upset and angry over somethings that (1) you have no control over, (2) you can not change by either throwing a fit or even by mentioning to the other person because they either they blow it off as meaningless or they just care.


So the way I have learned to deal with this, is not to associate with the negativity.. I need to expel all negative people and situations from around me.. If there are groups, or individuals for whatever reason they may use to justify their behavior towards me, then that is their problem and is no longer a concern of mine.



I Have also learned that if you are angry at a person(s) then inevitably, you are allowing them to take your power and control.. So from here on out, I will no longer be allowing anyone to have my power or control.. I wish I could have figured this out years ago and I could have saved a huge amount of money.

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Wise advice here. I agree -- if you let something ruin your day or your mood you are letting them become a presence over your life.

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That sounds like the advice we have been teaching our teenager. Very wise advice, thanks for sharing! :hug:

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