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possible threat to national safety!



Okay, so Rich and I chat while he is at work throughout the day...


Rich: Hey sexy...


Viv: blush! hi honey :)


Rich: Coming to see me for lunch today?


Viv: hmmmmmmm, i could... or you could come home...


Rich: I could... or you could come see me:-)


Viv: :P are you asking me out? i'm a married woman! :o


Rich: if thats what it takes Dont look at it as a date, just two adults getting together to do whatever it is two consenting adults do


Viv: hmmmm! I bet you say that to all the consenting adults! :o


Rich: and the unconsenting ones too


Viv: gasp! i must have done something right last night since you're so... in a mood, wink wink!


Rich: your white satin panties have the affect on me:-D


Viv: LOL, I know! why do you think i like wearing them... :P


Rich: to tease me and make me do things i might not normally do


Viv: NO! to motivate you ;) are you saying i have super panties?


Rich: You need a pair with a big "S" on them


Viv: for selfish? :/


Rich: for super


Viv: super selfish... in fact soooooooo selfish that i would wish bad things on people just so they will ask me for help or advice so i can feel good? >:-/


Rich: I never said that...out loud...did I?!


Viv: sigh, sadly YES! you did, and i even understood most of it even with that HUGE foot in there too


Rich: Once again, the power of the panties has clouded my mind.


Viv: well, maybe i better lock them away somewhere if they do that much damage... they could create a national disaster! :o


Rich: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! So what do you say to lunch with a cute guy who cant resist your "super panties"


Viv: How do you spell... moan! swoon? you had me at sexy :P i guess i better go get ready then and you should sit there a minute so you can get up and go finish working ;)


Rich: hehe, good thing i have my long jacket on


Viv: LONG is right :P


Rich: :-D


Viv: okay, i'm gonna go take a shower babe... and find some other super panties! purple today?


Rich: Purple is nice


Viv: okay... i'll talk to you soon then... i'm off to get all wet and naked


Rich: no fair!


Viv: it's a tough job, but someone has to wear the super panties!


Rich: and someone has to pull them off and throw them on the floor too:-)


Viv: you're hired!



Anyway I'm off to go get all wet and naked and then to have lunch with a cute boy that makes me :wub:


Hugs, Viv


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My dear Vivian, I must say that after reading this entry the first thought that popped into my head was not what most would have thought.


I wondered how many GA readers didn't get turned on by your converstion with Rich... :lmao:


Take care,




PS. On a different note, you might have convered some of these guys onto the other side of the fences. :blink: Anyone ready to flip to the other side of the fence after reading this please raise your hand now!!! :D

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Awww! What an adorable and fun conversation! I want one! (cute, sexy guy to have similar conversations with that is.......though without the panties.....boxers work don't they? :boy: )


Anyway I hope your lunch (and desert :P ) were awesome! Take care and have a great day!




P.S. now we'll know the reason why if Stephan develops an underwear fetish in your story :P

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