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Brrrrrr, lumps, and... ugh!



I have a lump! :( Right on the top of my head :o and it hurts! A LOT! I was trying to climb into Rich's beep beep car :thumbdown: in the dark and I hit my head. SO owwwwwwwwwww! Then... he tried to say that it was the car's way of getting back at me for talking badly about it :wacko: Whatever... all I know is it hurts. Then, THEN, he offers to whack the lump back in with a hammer....but I pointed out to him that in cartoons when they do that, the lump just pops out in another place. That I do not need.


My friend Marie at work told me this story :wub: Apparently Marie and her boyfriend were out to dinner a few days after Valentine's Day since they hadn't yet been out, although they had exchanged gifts already. The boyfriend had a gift bag with him though, but she thought... COOL, more presents! So after they eat, he gives her the gift. She opens it and it's a pillow. So she says, 'Thanks baby... it's a... pillow'. The boyfriend says that he bought it at her favorite store and that he had to get it cause it reminded him of her. She says, 'Oh! How sweet!' Boyfriend puts the pillow down on the ground right before he gets down on one knee and proposes!!!! :D SO YAY! Too sweet!


Also! I'm not a big Cosmo reader, but I'll admit right here and now that I did buy last months issue because it said 'What he feels during sex' on the cover. I thought... awesome, research! Hehehehe! It was actually quite informative and accurate since I made Rich listen while I read it and I got to watch his reactions... and blushing cheeks! The bonus to the whole Cosmo purchase... Firstly there was a second cover that I didn't see till I got home that said it was a topless men issue and every man in the magazine was indeed topless ;) and... it said that I'm not always cold cause I'm short like Rich tried to tell me <_< but instead it's because I am a girl :huh: Apparently, according to Cosmo magazine, men are typically warmer than women because they tend to have more heat generating muscle mass. Hah!


Race for the Cure is on Sunday and I'll be wearing my awful kiwi green t-shirt as a part of Team Albertsons... well, at least it's for a good cause! :2thumbs:





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Viv....ouch for the lump..be careful and I hope it goes away fast and the pain too:)


Yeah for your participation for the Race for the Cure..but, um, I thought the color of tee shirt should be pink and not green..oh well....


Just tell Rich you need more and closer body contact with him to stay warm:) that should make him smile:)



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