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2014 Followup Entry

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Once again, it's been awhile since my last entry.


For this entry, I'm going to concentrate on the walking that I mentioned before. In August of 2014, I bought myself an exercise tracker. I started out with one of the cheaper ones that tracked my daily steps, calories burned, and my sleep at night. I can the information to my computers, phone, and tablet.


When I started having problems with the tracker almost a year later, I upgraded to one of the trackers which has clock built in. It also monitors my heart rate and tracks the number of stairs climbed. Now I don't have to wear the tracker and a watch on the same arm.


Eventually, I did buy a wireless scales to keep track of my weight. I'm slowly getting down to my target weight of 200 lbs from 230 lbs.


The following is going to make you quite tired after you read it.


Since the first tracker, I've walked 4,718,290 steps in 14 months. Can you imagine the life time steps taken?


During this time, I've earned quite a few badges.


In the daily steps section I have the Boat Shoe, Sneaker, Urban Boot, and High Tops.


In the daily climb section I have the Happy Hill (for climbing 10 floors), and the Redwood Forest. This includes stairs and walking up hills.


In the Life Time Climb I have the Helicopter for 500 floors, and the Highdiver for 1,000 floors.
I get the next badge when I reach 2,000 floors.


I've collected nine (9) Lifetime Distance badges.
Marathon - 26 miles
Penguin March - 70 miles
London Underground - 250 miles, equal to walking the London subway system.
Serengeti - 500 miles, equal to walking the Serengeti from one end to the other.
Italy - 736 miles, equal to walking from one end to the other.
New Zealand - 990 miles Equal to walking from one end to the other.
Great Barrier Reef - 1,660 miles, equal to walking? from end to the other.
Japan - 1,869 miles, equal to walking from one end to the other.
India - 1,997 miles - equal to walking from one end to the other.
The next badge come when I reach 2,500 miles.


I also have three (3) weight badges for losing 5, 10, & 15 pounds.

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