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Health Issue 2016

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This story begins almost a week ago on Tuesday, 11/1/2016.


I went online to order a refill of Novalog for my insulin pump. After going thru the process, it tells me that they need to get my doctors permission to renew the script and should be available after two pm Thursday.
On Wednesday, I called the Doctors office to talk to her nurse. I wind up leaving a message for her to see if I can get some samples to use while I waited. I knew I wasn't going to have enough to last until the Pharmacy can fill the order.


Thursday afternoon, I check with the Pharmacy again and place the order again only to find out it would be available until Tuesday, 11/8/16. In the meantime, the phone rings. It wasn't any one I knew so I didn't answer. Shortly after that call, there was a voice mail from the doctors office. They call went straight to voice mail. It was the doctors nurse returning my call over 24 hours later. It seems in the message I left, the person wrote Humalog and not Novalog so she was calling to verify. By then it was too late to get the Novalog from the office as the Doctor had left for the day.


In the meantime, I'd been sick to my stomach all day and not feeling good. Why you ask? By this time my Blood Sugar is over 600. Not good. At the doctors office suggestion, I go to the Emergency Room where eventually, I wind up in Intensive Care for observation.


Moving forward to late Friday afternoon, one of my doctors there wanted to get me hooked back up to my insulin pump, so I called a friend to get it for me. The hospital I was at doesn't stock and use Humalog so I wound up calling my Pharmacy, which I was going to do on Thursday afternoon. That's when I found out they were still waiting on my regular specialist to authorize the renewal. The hospital doctor wasn't happy about that so he sent a fax to the pharmacy to get some. I then had my friend run out an pick it up.


Finally I was discharged from ICU to another room where I remained until after 2:00 pm Sunday when they finally released me.

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What stressful days it must have been. Glad to know you're out of the hospital and feeling better :hug:

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We missed you! I have a friend with type 1 diabetes and she has to be so observant and self-aware.

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hope the medics and pharmacy work together in future so you never get put through this again :(:hug:

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