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A Very Schticky Thing To Do



Over the past few days I went back to one of my stories, A Very Schticky Thing To Do, to see if there were any things that needed to be changed and/or clarified, plus find those little typos that always seem to sneak through. It was a fun journey reading through a story that I thoroughly enjoyed writing.


When I first went to it I noticed that I left it as on hold. I couldn't remember why that was so. There was only one thing to do about it and that was to give a good read. The chuckles are still there especially the "wilson". I added a note at the end of Chapter 2 that I hope explains what a wilson is.


I didn't find any major changes that needed to be made. Plus, although there is room for more chapters, the spark that drove the story has gone out; therefore, the story ends at a logical point at Chapter 19. I suppose some would say I should attempt to go further, but that would require more mental work than I'm currently capable of doing.


I'm still working on chapter 4 of the new book, but as I've said before, it's going slow, which probably explains why I've started going through my old stories.


My mental state is still very iffy. I know it's just the change in dosage, but it's still troubling having this dulled feeling in my head. I hope I can get used to the new med level as the alternative would be just giving up on creative writing for how long I do not wish to contemplate.

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