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My New Life



I almost called the VA hospital emergency room today, but my son talked me out of it because he definitely wasn't in any mood to take me down to Seattle. I just wanted to talk to the on-call psychiatrist about how I've been feeling. You know, just talk to someone. If I feel bad again tomorrow morning, I will call, just to talk if he/she will go along with it. I'm not bad enough to call the suicide hot line, but sometimes I need to talk to someone and there's only so much Rambo is willing to listen to. My son tries, but even he doesn't understand what I'm going through.


Have not written anything on Chapter 4 of The Children of Eden today. No, I do not have a block. I do have something to write, I'm just not doing that. Maybe tomorrow.


Did something new today. Created a new blog on Google Blogger (old Blogspot) to journal my experiences with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder. It's called: Melancholia: Life with Type 1 Bipolar Disorder. If you're interested, it can be accessed at: http://melancholiatypeibipolar.blogspot.com/.


Started reading a story by skinnydragon: Toph's Empty Year. I'm reviewing the chapters, too.


Started posting comments on the forums and got access to The Pit.


Next, I'll probably go on Chat.


It's a new life.

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