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Car Wreck

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Well, Friday turned out to be a bad day. I had just picked up my meals for delivery and was stopped at an intersection with a red light. I was headed east. As I sat there waiting on the light, a SUV came barreling in the other direction headed west and was T-boned by a pickup that was headed south through the intersection. They were going very fast and the pickup drove the SUV into ME! It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The sound of the crash was horrific and I watched as the SUV came flying directly towards me. I felt helpless, there was nothing I could do, but, brace for impact.


At any rate, besides being burned a little by the airbag that deployed, and having a stiff neck, I am physically fine. My poor car is a mess, but, way better than the pickup or the SUV. They were super messed up. The pickup is most certainly totaled. Both the driver of the pickup and the SUV were hauled of in Ambulances. They were both conscious and I don't think they had life threatening injuries.


I am definitely going to incorporate that real life experience into one of my stories.


So, yeah. Friday was a bad day.


Have a great weekend,

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Nothing is worse than sitting there seeing the bad stuff happening without being able to do anything. :o

Be prepared for a nasty reaction next time you're at the same intersection. Perhaps go there with a friend driving and have time to deal with the shakes afterwards. Don't feel bad about it, it's perfectly natural and if you suppress it and pretend you're fine, it can lead to more trouble. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

On the other hand, the fact you're talking about the scary experience and may use it in writing will probably be helpful in getting over the fright faster.

Take care :hug:

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Hey Timothy,


Thanks for the kind words and the advise.  I really appreciate it.



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You're welcome, Cody. I was glad to see Ron and Shane agreed with me (re your status udate).

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