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Okay. So, I have wanted to have a blog/journal, so I guess this is as good a place as any. My blog will be very much like a journal documenting some of my general thoughts and observations.


Today has been a beautiful day in West Texas. Weather is beautiful. Wish I could go out and play golf today. Unfortunately, I have to be at my desk... even more unfortunate, it is a slow day. Not many calls, but, I have to be here anyway. I always say, if I am not on the phone, I am not making money. So, today is not a great money day.


Looking forward to tomorrow. It's delivery day. I volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels and I have a regular route on Fridays. I have been doing it for about 6 months and I love it. Last week they had the annual volunteers banquet. I felt good about myself until that banquet. There were almost 1,000 people there. They gave awards for people that have been delivery for 40 freaking years....! OMG! Six weeks is nothing.


But, I look forward to Fridays anyway. I plan to do this for a long time, can't think of anything that will make me stop, short of moving out of the city which is not something that I see happening. I love this town.


Still reading Tales from Bentonville from David Lee. I am at about chapter 60. Love his story telling style and really like the characters. Also read the first chapter of Shane's new story and really liked it.


As far as my writing goes, I worked on my outline a little bit and still stuck on chapter 11. I want the first book to go 22 chapters so, I really need to get over this hump.


That's it for now, will post more later.



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