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I Feel . . .



The ellipses fits my frame of mind right now. It's as if my mind can't complete any of its thoughts properly. I'm constantly locked in this never-ending battle with my wayward brain. It's complicated, and it's starting to screw with me in ways I never thought would happen to me.


I can't write like this. At least, I can't write novels. I can probably still do a short story, possibly even a novella, but novels? It just isn't happening. I sit down, maybe get through a chapter, and then the thoughts just trail off into nothingness.


Like an ellipses.


I'm going to take some time to regroup. I don't know exactly what that means, yet. I think it means I'm going to shift my focus away from writing novels and onto short stories, and I don't know when or how many of those I'll be able to do. I don't know if this problem will spread and hit my ability to write short stories as well as novels, or if the short stories will free my brain from this wandering captivity. I just don't know anymore.


Until such a time as I am able to regroup, I am open to do some editing. If you'd like my eye as proofreader, beta-reader, or as editor, please feel free to consult me. I will read any genre, though there are some genres I'm less keen on. Please direct any inquiries through the PM service, or through my email at Samuel.D.Roe@gmail.com


Peace and Love,


Rikki Tikki Tavi

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Sometimes your Muse just goes away now and then for unexplained reasons. You're right to give yourself a break and not to put too much stress on writing. The words will come back at the most unexpected time. Peace.

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Carl is right. Listen to yourself. Sometimes, if you have a story mapped out with an ending in mind it's possible to just keep writing despite lack of flow. What you're describing sounds a little different. Try to take comfort in the fact that you are in fact writing. Not exactly the things you planned on, but it's still there.


And I really like your short stories!

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Creativity of any kind, as much as we may love it, is tiring... maybe draining is a better word... and just like athletes and such, we need to rest our 'muscles' sometimes. There are times I try to write and can't. Those times, it feels like my brain is fried, so you are not alone in this, buddy. You'll bounce back... I have no doubt. Just don't put pressure on yourself... muses don't appear to like pressure :) . Take care, Cynus :hug:

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I have to agree with Gary. Sometimes we definitely need a break. Take care buddy. Its you who is important here, not some stories or novels. Take good care of you first. *HUGS*

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Even if the short stories become a problem, don't put any stress on yourself. Your health, both physical and mental, is much more important than trying to write while the muse is on a holiday. She will return sooner or later and you'll be surprised what she will have to offer.

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It sounds as though you need a rest,


You've written a great deal in the last year or two, all of it excellent, so it may be time to have a break.

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