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Welcome to CA...



So I'll warn you up front that this is going to be a HUGE random dump of info...


So I decided I would print out DD 36 to read it, instead of sit here at the computer like I usually do to read it. Rich wanted to play some new game so... anyway I copied and pasted it into word and... Holy S**t! It was 64 pages long! But after refilling the paper twice AND changing the ink cartridge once... I had 64 pages of the most awesome story to read... and then... I stayed up till almost 1 a.m. reading it... but it was so worth it! Thanks Dom... SO, so much! :worship:


So at work we are doing this fundraiser for the MDA and Jerry's kids. We sell these shamrocks for a dollar and the customer who donates the dollar writes their name on it and we hang them all over the store. Our store has a goal of selling 3000 shamrocks, in effect raising $3000 dollars for these kids with muscular dystrophy. So they posted a note by the timeclock that said we are close to meeting our goal and any employee who donated $5 could wear jeans to work for 3 days or if you donated $10 you could for a week. So I donated $10 and got 10 shamrocks to write names on :2thumbs: So I bought 11 in total and I wrote one for my son, one for my daughter, one that says Rich & Viv, Davey & Chris, Ben & Seb, Kevin, Natey, Joey, Ronnie, Jon, and Eric! So... Welcome to CA guys! :lmao:


I have been writing some more and hopefully the next chapter will be out by Monday... :unsure: I might have to take a short break though :o so I can write my entry for the spring anthology... yikes! Whatever, at least I'll be writing something :P


So, I tend to hear a song and then go absolutely crazy and listen to it over and over again for liek a whole week till I discover the next one. Right now it's Be Without You by Mary J. Blige, which super slueth Bard found for me :hug:


Rich is making dinner tonight AGAIN! :wub: He's funny. He has gotten all into the Food Network and watches all these cooking shows and then wants to try all this stuff... the funny part is, he is so picky when it comes to food... and apparently pants :ph34r: but anyway... yay!


I got my daughter's school pictures and... WOW! She is sooooooooooo pretty :wub: she is gonna be a heartbreaker once she realizes how pretty she really is, but right now she is stuck in that awkward... I'm taller than all the boys and most girls and I'm growing things in places I never did before, and as much of a change as that is it's not enough cause she's not big enough to wear 'women's stuff yet... thank God! and all the drama of elementary school is still holding her back from really being herself' stage...


I have this friend who has endometriosis and she and her hubby have one son who was born with a heart defect and has already had one surgery and is about to have a second, then she miscarried a baby at 8 months and actually had to give birth to this baby and then bury it :( and then I think... she miscarried again once but very early on, and now... she tells me she is pregnant AGAIN! :o Plus, she already has two other kids from a previous marriage... I just don't understand. It's like something about the combination of her and her husband that can't produce a healthy child and I KNOW what she went through and still is trying to get over after losing the other baby... why would she let herself get pregnant again? Totally overlooking the fact that she could DIE giving birth again leaving 3 or possibly 4 children motherless.... sigh!


So, I better post this since Ben is waiting patiently to see what I wrote about him and Seb :P


Hugs Everyone,



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Your more then welcome Vivian, anytime I can help a friend.


I love CA and I have always said that is where I SHOULD have been born. I wonder why I was dumpped here?


I think the Stork was blind or something, :blink: Or had horrable direction since. :lmao:


Take care and talk to you soon,

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Oh Viv thanks! I'm so touched :D Awww :):2thumbs:


That is really scary about your friend. Poor thing. I really hope this pregnancy goes well and her baby is healthy.


I just checked out that Mary J. Blige song, I do like it :)


I'm so excited to hear that your next chapter might be out soon! I can't wait! I'm tempted to try to write something for the Spring Anthology, but all I've got is several "ideas" and a few notes for one of them. I just don't seem to have the discipline to sit down and write something out.


Anyway have a really awesome evening! I you completely made my day with that heart! Thanks :2thumbs:


Take care,


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I do the same things with songs...over and over and over. itunes keeps track and it's always funny to see "74" next to something and then "1" for the song right under it.

Right now it's "Such Great Heights" by the postal service....ah, emo

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