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is it weird that I find my binder WAY more comfortable then my sports bra? I always see people complaining about how tight and uncomfortable they are and I actually love it. Maybe it's not as tight as some people wear them? But it works so I guess that's what matters? Or maybe I'm so used to an uncomfortable sports bra it seems better. But the sports bra seemed comfy until I started wearing my binder regularly. LOL I dunno. It did start to stretch out and not work as well so I put it i the dryer and now it's back to how it was when I first got it. I seriously need to invest in a new one, maybe NOT WHITE THIS TIME. lol that was a bad idea. My mom hates that I wear it, shes totally supportive of everything else she just thinks it's not good for me. She terrified of it lol.


I love walking down the street and criticizing all the drivers. Some people are ridiculously bad drivers. 

But I can be kind of judgmental lol. At least I'm respectful (adult) enough to keep it to myself most the time. I saw this thing online that I really liked, I think tmblr; this girl was saying how she keeps catching herself judging people and then feeling bad. She gave the example of a young girl dressed provocatively; she will see it and think something along the lines of oh my god look at that girl dressed like a  hooker ew judgement, and then catches herself and internally gives herself crap like GFY she can wear what ever she wants! And another person commented that her mother taught her that the first thought is what society has taught you to think and your second thought is what you actually think. And I really like that because maybe I'm not as much of a bitch as I think. Maybe I was just socialized to be judgmental because I always catch myself and give myself crap for being judgmental (unless it's about bad parents because when it comes to that I KNOW I'm judgmental. I'm not perfect but MY GOD SOME PARENTS), and correct myself.


I think I'm stalling because I'm supposed to be writing right now. bad LillyLee! Stories not Blogging! Grrrr.....


Okay, that's enough rambling. Back to WORK!

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