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New Plot Bunny Babies



I got a new idea based on prompts from Pinterest 

For a series of short stories

About a young Superhero 

And the crazy Supervillains he has to deal with

100% Comedy 

So far I have three villains 

And I'm super excited about this



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Oh, man! I've wanted to write a superhero story for so long!

Here's my basic plotline:

1. Poster boy for the "Justice Squad" trainees realizes that he's gay

2. Boy comes out to his parents.

3. In spite of the "Justice and Equality" spiel, his dad blows a gasket about how the "face of the Justice Squad needs to be a REAL man", and "consider the bad publicity, blah, blah, blah".

4. Boy gets kicked out of the house, only to find himself taken in and given a home by his parents' arch-enemies, a pair of supervillains and their son, who actually aren't so "bad" as everyone thinks.

5. Boy learns that his enemy is also a classmate at school, kind of quiet and nerdy, but really cute. :gikkle:

Well, you get the idea! I'm excited to see what you have in store, too, Lilly! :D

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