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Update on the Competition

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Emi GS


Hello guys I am back


After the half of the competition time(15+ days) over here is the update on it. Overall I have got four sales and some borrowings by Kindle Unlimited members and two reviews from our friends here @Caz Pedroso and @Wesley8890. Thanks for the reviews guys. As you can see I still needed lots and lots of support from you guys. For that: 


  • You can purchase the book
  • You can borrow and read, if you are a Kindle Unlimited member
  • Read and Review and Rate
  • Suggest to your friends 
  • You can also gift it to your friends


I have got some complaints like the book is not available when they have checked. It is because amazon prefers the customers to purchase from the market place sight of their territory. So, I am gonna give you guys direct links of various market places of amazon so that you can find it easily. 



Important notice: If you are going to review then please do it on the India Kindle store. The competition being held in India, it is a mandatory. So here is the link for that, below.  And remember guys I still need lots and lots of support from you guys. 


Reviews and Ratings


Thanks to all of you guys for supporting me on this. I appreciate every effort you have put to support me in the competition. 


You can also check on my other books here

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