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Emi's Summer Tulips is now a Paperback

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Emi GS


Hello guys


I don't know how many of you guys enjoy paperbacks, but our friend @Caz Pedroso had encouraged me by telling that she would have enjoyed a paperback more rather looking into a cellphone or an Ipad. And I always plan to bring the paperback version of my April Tulips book, if there may be someone interested like Caz. And this time I tried my best bring the NaPoWriMo 2017's book earlier than I planned because of the competition and now paperback for Caz. I'll be more thankful to her for encouraging me always and surprising me all the time with her mails(posts). I am glad that I have got a friend like her. Thanks Caz. 


And here is the link for my new paperback,  Emi's Summer Tulips. I hope you will like it more reading in hot copy and help me to spread the word. Thanks everyone...


Emi's Summer Tulips - 2017


Happy news: I want to share another happy news here. Last Thursday before Christmas I have got two surprises from two important people. First it was a Christmas and New Year wishing card(on an unexpected time) from Caz. And a call from SacredLove. He said he is doing fine. And still going on with some issues though. But he is doing fine. And he said he will log in soon on GA

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My copy is on its way, thanks Emi :hug: and I'm glad the card arrived okay :) 

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