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Venturing forth ...

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In a moment of January madness, I decided to inflict my writing on the wider, virtual public by starting a blog on WordPress. I already blog on there in a work capacity, but this is rather different. This is me (as northie) putting myself out there in a very crowded arena. I'm under no illusions about the amount of attention it'll garner, but I think it's worth a whirl. A Pencil Is Best serves both to display my writing, but also to promote the community here. If it results in additional interest for GA, I will be very happy.


In addition to republishing a number of my shorts from here, I hope to be using some of the prompts available from other bloggers. Although I have to say, my current writing time is pretty much taken up already. I'll see. From time to time, I'll also be using the blog to give form to some of the many thoughts about writing and the creative process which swim around my head.


So if you're already a WordPress denizen, or you simply pass through occasionally, please stop by to say hi. By just going to the site, I will know someone has looked at it (and believe me, that'll be something worthy of note ;) ), or if you're feeling adventurous, anyone may leave a comment. However, there is one significant proviso: you can call yourself whatever you want as the name to go with the comment, but it will only be accepted if you give a valid email address. As the 'owner' of the blog, I see that address along with the comment (it is never displayed publicly). I realise that might be a significant disincentive, but still ... 


As the title says, I'm venturing forth. What will result? Who knows ...  :) 



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good luck and best wishes! reminds me about the blog occisionally and maybe i'll get the nerve-up to  peek. :)

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Don't know if it is allowed, and you should check with the admins first, but perhaps a link on your profile page?

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59 minutes ago, Kitt said:

perhaps a link on your profile page?

Thanks, Kitt. I've used the link on the 'available website' part of my profile / writing profile. I've seen other members here doing that.  :) 

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