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Oh Damn!

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Back in October my VA shrink told me she could no longer see me long term. I was to be sent outside the VA. Well, my outside mental health provider took me off Seroquel and put me on Lithium in addition to my existing prescription for Valproic Acid (Depakote). As the Lithium dosage increased to a therapeutic level the tremors in my hands and arms increased until I could no longer hold my medication in the palm of my hand without it jumping out before I had a chance to put it in my mouth. I couldn’t hold a glass of water without the water sloshing out. But, the worse problem as far as I’m concerned is that I can no longer type without great effort. My fingers simply do not go where I tell them.


As a result, my story “A Love Story” will end at chapter thirteen. Future stories will be put on hold until such time that I can type sufficiently without having to stop and go back to fix some niggling error.


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You could try voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I hope you get your meds sorted out soon.  

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I figured to just type as I can. It hasn't gone too badly and I seem to be getting better. It helps that I've started a new story about an early seventies gay widower who takes in two teen brothers who have been brutalized and thrown out by their family.

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