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I realized this morning that I’m old. Not growing old, just old. This not to say I’ve reached the end of my creative cycle because there are still stories to tell. I have one story that is ready to be published, but I’ve lost contact with my editor (Sharon).

Such is life that I should still have stories to be published, but no editor to review them prior to publishing. I await contact with my prior editor to be reestablished, but so far I don’t think much is going to occur in that direction.

I have a new story coming out of my mind. It deals with a young boy who, after the death of his father, is sent to live with his grandfather (a retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant), and a retired Colonel, a Staff Sergeant, two Lance Corporals, and a Staff Sergeant who lives in the basement. In many ways it is the story of a young boy living with the horrors of military PTSD, while at the same time dealing with a budding interest in sex.

I’ll work on the story and hopefully reach some point of nexus where the story interconnects with its original premise.

Where, oh where, is my editor?


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Carl, I told you I would reach out to her after you left me a message on my profile, and I did that right after I replied to your message. She replied Thursday morning and said she would get in touch with you. Have you been checked your junk folder to make sure her email didn't get filtered there? I will reach out again and see if there are other options. 

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Carl I'm in the same place you left me. 😏 I can always be reached at sat8997@hotmail.com. 

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