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the places you enter



I haven't been around much, but then, over the course of the last year, I haven't really done much in the way of writing. Most day, I feel like as soon as I get started i'm too tired to keep going and when I read what I wrote it reads like gibberish to me. For awhile there, I started to think that I shouldn't bother anymore, but then story ideas started flowing on to storyboards around my office, and I decided to leave the cork boards up to see if anything got done. Ech, it's slow, but something is trying to emerge. its funny, because some days I will have all these ideas and inspiration, but the get up and go dies right out of the gate and meh, its easier to sit in my easy chair beside my dog and watch tv instead of create something. I probably need to get out more and most likely rambling here, but a few weeks back I remembered how much I used to look forward to popping in here, hanging out on the chat and in the forums and interacting with people, and kicked myself for letting time get so far away from me. This whole year has felt like it's slipped away, or maybe it was just the meds I've been on making things seem out of sorts, I don't know i'm still trying to figure that part out. anyway, I'm back, put up a new story, fingers crossed I finish it. If anyone wanted to read anything else I've done that's not here, you can find it under Layla Dorine, there's some novels and stories and stuff out there. Happy reading. Drop me a line and say hi if you'd like, I need to crawl back out of my shell again. 


The Places You Enter



Tell me what you fear

And I’ll tell you what I am

What you are

what is coming


My white eye sees death

My green one the depth of your shriveled soul

I walk paths of cobblestone

Footsteps splashing puddles

tracing echoes of memory

Shattered by cawing  crows

Black wings tipped with red


Falling without souls to curry

No words to carry on

I ride nightmares in a distant holler

Searching for a place to hide

To change




You know you can’t destroy me

Killing what I am

Would be killing what you’ll be

When it all crashes to an end


Hold the door

what you gain

may be less

than what you leave behind


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  • Site Administrator

Welcome back.  I'll add your new story to my ever-growing list :) 

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