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  1. I was trying to post a new story, and found that the create a story page seems to have changed some and I can't figure out why it won't let me save what I put in. It keeps saying fill in the fields, but the boxes are already blue so what is there to fill in?
  2. layla

    Chapter 4

    no longer available
  3. layla

    Chapter 3

    no longer available
  4. layla

    Chapter 2

    no longer available
  5. I haven't been around much, but then, over the course of the last year, I haven't really done much in the way of writing. Most day, I feel like as soon as I get started i'm too tired to keep going and when I read what I wrote it reads like gibberish to me. For awhile there, I started to think that I shouldn't bother anymore, but then story ideas started flowing on to storyboards around my office, and I decided to leave the cork boards up to see if anything got done. Ech, it's slow, but something is trying to emerge. its funny, because some days I will have all these ideas and inspiration, but
  6. layla

    Chapter 1

    no longer available
  7. this one right here is what i'm currently writing to, its going to be the theme for my next book.
  8. I have three piercings with plans to get at least two more. Right now I have my eyebrows and lebret pierced. I also have six tattoo, with plans to get several more. I've got a dragon on my ankle, an anarchy sign on my thigh, the green man with a woven celtic knot band of vines around my arm, a semi colon inside of a celtic know on my wrist, tigger on one shoulder and a Pegasus on the other.
  9. Not new, but haven't been around for awhile. planning to drop in more frequently moving forward though.
  10. Lisa

    Happy Belated Birthday, Layla! :) I hope you had a great day!

  11. Cia

    Happy Birthday, Layla!

  12. ...And all shall fade to black has been updated!

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