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  1. layla

    Chapter 16

    A thunderous crash jarred Ryker from his sleep and left him instantly alert and grasping around for his weapon, growing more frantic with every minute that passed when he couldn’t find it. The cadence grew, the steady thud, thud, thud like a chopper in the darkness, and he dove for the floor, still groping around in the dark for his gun. Incoming. Incoming. Get down! He waited for the sound of explosions that never came, low crawling towards cover and hopefully, his weapon. His hand itched to hold it, fear pulsed through him at the frantic beat steadily growing louder, closer. “R
  2. layla

    Chapter 15

    Jesse lay the phone down on the coffee and ran a hand through his hair. There were eleven steps between it and the window, and as he paced back across the room to stand in front of it, he found that he could breathe a little easier after spending the better part of the last hour giving his lawyer the details of his relationship with Troy, the instances of abuse, where they took place, and any marks or bruises Troy had left him with, threats he’d made, and times when he’d either refused to allow Jesse to return to his hotel or arena, or had restrained him somewhere against his will. He’d also s
  3. layla

    Chapter 14

    Ryker’s heart thudded in his chest as he sat on the floor beside Jesse. Knowing Troy’s last name meant he’d be able to dig deeper into the man’s past now. Troy Collins, Entrapreneu, Businessman, based out of Atlanta according to Apple of Discord’s social media bios. That should narrow things down some. Jesse drew in a deep, shuttering breath, but Ryker was pleased to see there were no tears sliding down his cheeks this morning. As far as he was concerned, Jesse had wasted enough time crying over what that bastard had done. Hearing him get angry was a welcome change, and he could only hope
  4. layla

    Chapter 13

    God damn that phone, when he found it, he was turning the ringer off. Grumbling, Ryker heaved himself out of the chair he’d fallen asleep in and hit the floor when his leg buckled beneath him. The phone’s shrill ringing droned on as Ryker gripped the arm of the chair and used it to help him climb back to his feet. He staggered a few shaky steps towards the phone, grateful for the fire’s glow to help him see. As soon as he had it in his hand, he flopped on the couch and rubbed his aching leg as he hit the button to answer it. “’ello,” Ryker growled into the phone, voice still sleep roughen
  5. layla

    Chapter 12

    Jesse had insisted Ryker eat first, which was for the best, because glancing at the clock showed he’d slept until almost two in the afternoon. Once he finished, he dragged the easy chair over by the window to sit beside Jesse, enjoying the sunlight shining through. The sketchbook lay closed on the end table, a battered notebook beside it. He wondered if the crumpled page he’d found in the corner by the fireplace had come from it, and how many others Jesse had consigned to the flames. “What were you drawing?” Ryker asked as he got situated in the chair. “I don’t know yet, I was just t
  6. layla

    Chapter 11

    Jesse willed his hands to stop shaking as he clutched Ryker’s phone to his ear and hopped Kyle would hurry up and answer his god damned phone so he could get this over with. When Kyle finally did answer, huffing and out of breath, the first words out of his mouth were to ask Ryker to hang on a minute while he grabbed a towel, that he’d just gotten out of the shower. Jesse waited, listening to the sound of things being knocked over in the background, as Kyle scrambled around a bit before getting back on the line. “Sorry, I barely heard the phone with the water running,” Kyle said, punctuat
  7. layla

    Chapter 10

    I just added another 1200 words, I thought they were done with their talk, but I was wrong. Now the chapter is complete
  8. layla

    Chapter 10

    In the living room, Jessie shoved the coffee table off to the side of the room and turned the easy chair around so it was facing the couch. It was unexpected, Ryker would have figured Jesse would be more comfortable not having to look at him. Ryker sat on the couch and watched Jesse get settled in the chair. He looked as tired and worn out as Ryker felt. “I wasn’t drinking or getting high on tour,” Jesse said softly. “I mean, I was drinking, sometimes, a couple here and there to take the edge off, but not the way Kyle things. Not to excess.” “Okay,” Ryker said, and waited. When i
  9. layla

    Chapter 9

    God damn, that was cold. Jesse stood covered in the snow that had fallen off the roof, half burying him in icy fluffiness. Frozen by the shock of it, he forgot to move for several seconds, just stood there, shivering, as a glob of snow slithered beneath his collar. Only when the cold seeped through his jeans did he finally move, wading out of the mess and trying to shake the rest of it off on his way to the truck. Jesse loaded the guitars across the back seats carefully, lay his backpack between them, brushed some more snow off his shoulders and closed the door. His bass was still inside along
  10. layla

    Chapter 8

    “I’m sorry if I woke you,” Ryker replied, when Jesse reached the end of the song. Jesse just shrugged in response and launched into another one. Filled with longing and pain, this one must have been a new one, as Ryker didn’t recognize it. Staring at Jesse while he sang, he focused on his features, rather than the lingering remnants of dreams. Eyes half closed, Jesse tipped his head back just a little when he sang. Ryker tried to picture what it might look like, kissed by the sun, his hair shot through with droplets of water. An old fantasy, but one he reached out to whenever his min
  11. layla

    Chapter 7

    By the time they’d played through every game in the living room, the sun had gone down and Ryker’s focus was shot. One look across the table at Jesse showed that he was fairing no better, and yet, he’d made no mention of calling it a night. Ryker fidgeted with a stack of Monopoly money, before half-heartedly beginning to divide out the starting amounts. “We don’t have to play again,” Jesse said softly. Oh thank god, Ryker wasn’t sure if he’d have been able to sit still for another game. Still, he wasn’t sure he was ready to be alone either. Spending the day with Jesse had been a welc
  12. layla

    Chapter 1

    He is out to his bandmates, there just hasn't been a natural place to reveal that yet.
  13. layla

    Chapter 6

    Kyle woke, groggy, and sniffed, the scent of something sticky sweet making him sit up and take notice. Sunlight streamed in through the windows, casting bright light beams across the hardwood floor. He rubbed his eyes, squinted but couldn’t make out if it was still snowing outside or not. In the kitchen something clattered, and Kyle jumped to his feet, instantly alert. He crept along the wall to the kitchen, keeping his back flat against the smooth logs. The sight he saw when he glanced in gave him a moment to pause. Jesse stood in front of the stove, stirring a small pot with a wooden sp
  14. layla

    Chapter 5

    Ryker stared at the closed door, mentally going over every word he’d said to Jesse, trying to figure out what had prompted him to retreat. The key is owning up to our mistakes Ryker had stated, only now, as he listened to Jesse’s sobs, he found himself wondering if that hadn’t been what did it. After all, Jesse had said no one cared to hear the truth. Could it be that Jesse hadn’t been the one to make a mistake at all? Sitting outside Jesse’s door, Ryker pressed one hand to the wood, the lantern beside him keeping the room from being completely dark. “Jesse,” he called, giving t
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