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February CSR Feature: Down a Darkened Path by Ronyx

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Hard to believe it, but it's already February! This month we have 3 weeks to read the CSR selection, and it's a longer one. Good thing @Ronyx helped me pick his feature for this read, and it's one that was popular with readers so you might have already read it! If not, with the number of comments and likes, it's sure to be a read that will pull you in. In following with last month's feature of a different sort, don't go into this expecting the same old storyline! As always, the Discussion Day will take place on the last Monday of the month, February 25th


Down a Darkened Path

by Ronyx


Length: 76,436


Description:  Troy Neal has it all- good looks, smart and talented. A classmate, Jayden Henderson, finds himself struggling to survive a dangerous life when he is sent to live with his aunt and cousins after the sudden death of his mother. Late one night, when Troy's car runs out of gas on a dark, deserted street, fate brings them together. Can they survive a disturbing journey down a darkened path filled with insurmountable obstacles?

Warning: Before you begin reading, you should be aware that this story centers around a brutal and violent event involving the main character. Several scenes in this story may be upsetting and disturbing to some readers.  


A Reader Said: I highly recommend this well written story. There are parts of this story that are unpleasant, but they were handled carefully. The characters are believable, and I quickly came to care about them. The dialogue and the feelings of the characters seemed realistic. Now that all the chapters are available, this will be one of those hard to put down kind of stories. Thanks to Ronyx for sharing this story.  ~ JeffreyL


Don't forget to come back and share your thoughts on the Discussion Day on Monday, February 25th! 

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This is a great story. If you haven't read it, do so. It's certainly not a typical storyline. 

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This is a fantastic story to read, difficult to read in parts due to the disturbing and upsetting scenes. I highly recommend that you read this if you haven’t.

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