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Announcement: 2020 Anthology Themes

Renee Stevens


Thank you to everyone who voted for the 2020 Anthology themes!  We had a lot of great themes to choose from this year, and after the first round of voting, we narrowed it down to 15 themes for the final vote. Of those 15, only 4 could be our themes for next years anthologies. This year, I didn't even need a tie breaker vote as the top four were very clear!  Before we get to those themes, let's have a quick reminder of the upcoming anthology!

Upcoming Anthology.jpg

Now, let's see what the authors decided for the 2020 Anthology themes! 


2020 Spring Anthology
Due: May 15, 2020

The Storm

Full Moon


2020 Fall Anthology

Due: November 15, 2020






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I'm in! I have a premise for one of the themes and will be starting on it after I finish writing the story I'm currently working on.

@lilansui I'll take this opportunity to remind you the deadline for the 2019 fall anthology is rapidly approaching.


Your anthology buddy.

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I like all four of those themes. I have some ideas for them :)


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