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Featured Story: Brother by Yeoldebard



What a way to start the week off with another great review from our Review Team. @chris191070 presents this months feature!


by Yeoldebard

Reviewer: chris191070
Status: Complete
Word Count: 191,715

Here we have Jason, a neko who lost his voice and parents aged six. He's adopted by a family of wolves and things change rapidly for him.

Then we have Devyn, who was born a wolf and doesn't understand the rules of his two-legged family.

All of a sudden Jason and Devyn find themselves as Brothers, but things are not that simple.

Sparks fly and before they realize it, they discover they are mates.

But things are not going to be  easy between the two of them as they are Wolf and Neko and will go through many trials and tribulations before they get what they both desire.

Category: Fiction  Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal  Sub-genres: General Fantasy, Romantic Paranormal  Tags: young adult, were-creatures, bisexual, disability, abuse, brothers  Rating: Mature

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I loved the way Devyn's trouble with understanding human behavior was portrayed. I need to finish reading this story.

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