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@AC Benus was kind enough to start off our guest prompts during National Poetry Writing Month with a couple of poetry prompts.  Since the Prompt Team started, we've had a few members send us prompt suggestions, so we thought it was time we featured one of them. If you have any ideas for prompts, please feel free to send them to myself, Aditus, or Cole Matthews, and you may be featured in a future edition of the prompt blog.  All types of prompts are welcome - creative, word lists, poetry, technical.  If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know.  


PT Prompt #51 - Creative - Courtesy of @JamesSavik

Zombie CSI

There was a zombie outbreak that wrecked a city, several surrounding counties, and killed several hundred thousand people before the military could seal off the area and terminate the walkers.

Even a month later, the exclusion zone is still very dangerous.  Walkers are still being discovered and put down by fire teams. No one is allowed to go outside the "Green Zones" in under squad strength and armed to the teeth.

You are an investigator assigned to a multi-agency federal and state task force charged with investigating the outbreak and finding out what caused it.

You have: city police, fire and hospital records, video camera footage and witnesses/survivors to investigate.

Let the games begin...


And speaking of guests...

PT Prompt #52 - Creative

Your favorite co-worker needs a place to stay while their apartment is being renovated, so without hesitation you offer your spare room.  How long does the renovation take and are they still your favorite co-worker when the work is finished? 




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