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Happy Prompt-aversary!



While it feels like just yesterday when I approached Aditus and Cole Matthews about working together to continue offering GA prompts on a weekly basis, it’s actually been one year!  To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we thought we’d pay homage to GA’s late prompt guru, Comicfan, by choosing our favorite prompts created by Wayne. 



Comicfan’s prompt #213 made me put my toe in the water and write a very short story. I got so many encouraging comments that I dared to write an anthology story a few months later.

Since then, I’ve always looked forward to reading the prompts. Many times, they helped to get my lazy muse in motion. I don’t know if I’d otherwise ever become an author here on GA. Thank you, Wayne.

My favorite prompt is#892.


Cole Matthews:

This prompt is my favorite, because not only did this prompt give me a character sketch to start a story.  It created an entirely new storyline with some of the best characters I've ever created.  For some reason, this 'first line' prompt gave me a vision of a man being berated by his son.  The prompt I wrote is called The Truck, and it gave me a precocious teenager scolding his father, who we discover is gay and has been hiding it.  It was a coming out by a father to his son, a very different tack to the usual trope.  Not only did this provide the beginnings of "The Art of Being Gay" but it led me to start viewing characters and storylines in a completely different direction.  Comicfan's prompts provided me with the challenge, and the creative spark, to get me to take more chances, try new things, and I grew enormously because of his help and dedication to writing.  


It's almost impossible to choose a favorite out of Wayne's prompts.  His prompts inspired me to start writing, and the feedback I received encouraged me to continue.  My first multi-chapter story was inspired by a prompt, but I chose one that inspired my second story instead.  It's one of my favorite prompt stories from my early collection.  I always enjoyed Wayne's word lists and seeing how I could fit them all into a story in a natural way. 


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I've stuck a few prompts in my back pocket to come back to. So grateful that this was something that came to be and is still going!

Can't wait to see what else gets created in this space (prompts and stories based on prompts) ❤️

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