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paladin - Word of the Day - Tue Dec 27, 2022




paladin - (noun) - 1: a trusted military leader (as for a medieval prince); 2: a leading champion of a cause

world of warcraft fantasy GIF by South Park


The local paladin focuses on the slaying of trolls.


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1 hour ago, JamesSavik said:

Paladin is also a holy warrior of ancient times. In some lore, paladins start out as monks and volunteer to be warriors of the faith. They have many restrictions, based on their faith and for all of their holy powers to manifest, they must be and remain virgins. (God knows, that would make me a homicidal maniac.)

The Knights Templar took some of the existing lore and used it until the RCC rather abruptly divested itself of their services.

Violently so. Being too powerful and wealthy back then could be just as dangerous as being poor and helpless.

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My personal favorite ttrpg class :] I love this word. It feels like when a character is described as being a 'paladin', it helps invoke a deeper sense of conviction, but not necessarily good intentions. In some cases, maybe the intention is to mislead by calling someone a paladin. In unrelated news, evil paladins are sexy.

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