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January Signature Author Excerpt: Insomnia by CassieQ



Did you catch Monday's feature of CassieQ's story, Insomnia? Did the ad catch your eye? ;) Well, if not, maybe this excerpt will. You don't want to miss it!! 



Roma did nothing but chatter incessantly about her plans for the party, wrangling Casey into a promise to go with her to the store that evening to pick up party supplies. He agreed just to shut her up and by the time they arrived home, Casey was barely able to keep his eyes open. Maybe he wouldn’t need the sleeping pills after all.

"Roma, I'm going to go take a nap," Casey called as he walked down the hallway towards his room. “Come get me when you are ready to go to Sam’s.”

"Okay." Her cheerful acknowledgement floated down the hallway from the direction of her room. Casey walked into his room, swinging the door shut behind him. He dropped his backpack, pulled off his shirt and glanced up in the act of kicking his shoes off.

What the hell?

He was sure when he left that morning, his bed had been in the same disorganized mess it had been in after his fitful sleep the night before. Now, though, it was made up neatly, the blankets turned down like it was waiting for him. He thought momentarily that his mom might have come in and made it up for him except that his mom rarely came inside his room and had never bothered to turn down his bed before.

There was a creak of floorboard behind him and before he could turn, there was an arm around his waist, and someone propelling him to the bed, pushing him down onto the mattress. Torn between terror and anger, he twisted his body around to face his attacker, eyes going wide as a large hand fixed itself over his mouth.

He knew that face. It had haunted him all day. He recognized the thin set of lips, the too long hair and the sharp glint in those cold blue eyes.

"You!" he shouted, or tried to. All that really came out was a muffled indistinct sound. The man straddling him looked far more imposing than the figure in his dreams. He was taller than Casey and definitely much heavier and was wearing some kind of ancient looking armor. It pressed hard against his legs and chest as the stranger waited out his struggles.

The man removed his hand, but before Casey could gather together in his mind what he was going to do--screaming was entirely too girly--the stranger’s mouth covered his. Casey thought for a moment he ought to do something--bite down or struggle, maybe, but the stranger’s mouth was hot over his, with a seductive tongue sliding along his lower lip and a hard, heavy body pressing against him and Casey could already feel the slow tickle of arousal starting, heating up his body, sending that aching need through him. So he kissed back, opening his mouth and arching up against the body on top of his, relaxing in the stranger’s grip.

The kiss ended and the stranger drew back, appearing surprised and pleased, a smile forming on his lips. “My Lord,” he said softly.

Casey let his head fall back, eyes closing. “I’m dreaming again.”

The stranger's smile faded slightly, his eyes grew sad. “No, my Lord.” The stranger bent his head, planted a gentle kiss to Casey’s neck. “Not this time.”

Casey didn’t answer, even though he heard the stranger’s words, he was too exhausted to interpret and put meaning to them. He was lying down, had a comfortable weight covering his body and not even the warm pair of lips on his neck could keep him awake any longer.


When Casey woke up, he did so with none of the groggy disorientation that plagued him in the morning. He noticed, with a bit of unease, that the handsome stranger from his dreams, that he vaguely remembered from before falling asleep…something he thought he had been dreaming of…was sitting at his desk, watching him.

What the fuck? “Who the hell are you?” Casey asked, pushing himself up into a sitting position. He pressed his hands against the small of his back and arched himself back, hearing several of his vertebra pop satisfyingly. Now he was feeling mildly confused. He was pretty sure he was awake…everything had the kind of clarity and cohesiveness that you didn’t get in dreams, and he could remember past events, things that had happened earlier that day, in the morning, yesterday even. “Are you a hallucination?” Casey asked.


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Fascinating excerpt. I am very intrigued, and will try to follow up. Good job, Cassie. Thanks for pointing this story out, Cia. It would seem a good choice.

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I finished Insomnia last week.  It is an exceptionally good story, and well written.  Wonderful work, Cassie. Thanks Cia for providing this blog and the selections you make.  

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Posted (edited)

Read it and loved it. Recommended and reviewed... it is one of those gems you sometimes discover on GA. Five stars! Great work, Cassie!

Edited by Headstall
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