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pardoner - Word of the Day - Sun Jun 11, 2023




pardoner - (noun) - 1: a medieval preacher delegated to raise money for religious works by soliciting offerings and granting indulgences; 2: one that pardons;



A pardoner sounds like the medieval version of a mafia shakedown where the threat is hell instead of pain.


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There are still pardoners today, since many politicians have the power to pardon people for their crimes.  

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Pope Leo X, a corrupt Medici pope sold pardons to finance his debauchery as pope.  This was one of the causes that led to the Protestant Reformation. 

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In most states, the Governor is the pardoner, with the power to commute sentences of criminals or clear their records. In some cases, this has been abused and there have been pay-for-pardons scandals. The opposite is also true. A recent two-term Southern governor, who was quite the holy roller and spent most of his time trying to ban abortions, did not pardon anyone. He showed himself to be quite the hypocrite: an outspoken Christian who refused to practice forgiveness.

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