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Horrible Prompts



Let’s squeeze some prompts in before the anthology takes over the blog. It’s the time for creaking doors, flickering lights, and whispered words in the dark. Don’t forget everything orange.

cats orange GIFScarlett Johansson Orange GIF by A24

PT #171

How about we play with tropes: wide open mawing jaws, saliva drips, and then set a sweet counterpoint?

PT #172

Write about a most unlikely person who hates orange and everything it implies.


Please include the prompt number either in your story/chapter description or title to help readers who would like to search for specific prompts. Also, please remember that stories less than one thousand words must be posted as part of a collection

If you check the subgenre 'prompt' in your story tags, then people/readers can find everything here:


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Well, I owe you guys a story, since I didn't write for the anthology :P

# 171 is an interesting prompt, despite the challenge of making sharp teeth and saliva with a sweet counterpoint. (Nothing against guys that like that sort of thing, just don't serve me up with fava beans and chianti if you don't like my take on the prompt)

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