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splatterpunk - Word of the Day - Halloween 2023




splatterpunk - (noun) - a genre characterized by graphically described scenes of an extremely gory nature.

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Splatterpunk is a sub-genre of horror that is more popular this time of year than the rest of the year.


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Yes, I've never heard this word before, so @Myr you did teach an old dog a new trick. 

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It's a horror and body horror subgenre, so I get why it's the word of the day. Punk sensibilities are based on rebellion and pushing the limits of genres.  I prefer psychological horror rather than visceral but body horror is popular for a reason.

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I thought splatterpunk is what happens when protesters try to block the road.

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1 hour ago, JamesSavik said:

I thought splatterpunk is what happens when protesters try to block the road.

That is spelled splatter punk, I think. 

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4 hours ago, Myr said:

That is spelled splatter punk, I think. 

I thought these guys had a trademarked it:


Don't know if Robocop 3 producers were literate about the cultural zeitgeist, but splatterpunks were an odd villain group in the third movie (The Cult of Cain was probably more over the top in the second one, so these guys seemed lame in comparison).

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