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folly - Word of the Day - Wed Nov 1, 2023




folly - (noun) - 1: a lack of sense; foolishness; 2: a foolish action or belief

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It would be a folly to think could just walk into Mordor.


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A folly can also be an ornamental building with no purpose.

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folly - (noun) - 1: a lack of sense; foolishness; 2: a foolish action or belief



When was a folly, not a folly?


When it was a "Seward's Folly" (or "Seward's Icebox")




The US$7.2 million check used to pay for Alaska (equivalent to $117 million in 2021)[1]
Signed March 30, 1867
Location Washington, D.C., U.S.
Ratified May 15, 1867
Effective October 18, 1867
  • English
  • French


Alaska Purchase - Wikipedia



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From the old French folie (madness) to modern French fol (fool or foolish) to middle English folly. 

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From 1907 until the early 1930s the Ziegfeld Follies was a revue consisting of songs, skits, and dance numbers. 

The Folies Bergere began as the Folies Trevise in 1869 and became the Folies Bergere in 1872.  It was the most famous music hall in Paris and Josephine Baker made her debut there in 1926.  

The Las Vegas Les Folies Bergere operated in the Hotel Tropicana from 1959-2009. 

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