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Weird Day




Its been kinda a while.....


So today has just been kinda weird.


Chris is sick, I think he has the flu, he's got the usual symptoms and he's puked a little too, (nice I know :blink: ) so Ive been looking after him all day. Then eariler I got a call from my Mum. She talked for over half and hour when she said this....

I was in the loft the other day, oh! I found your old tennis racket it was right next to a box of papers. I found all the stuff on we kept about the miscarriage. Hold the phone! What F*cking misscarrige???

So she went on to tell me how between having my sister and me she misscarried a baby at 20 weeks, I cant believe I was never told this. She said something like, oh im sure we told you hun.. Umm no I'd remember that!

So after her telling me that, I looked up info on misscarriages I read that if you misscarry after 20 weeks its classed as a still born baby. I need to talk to her face to face about this. I had a brother/sister I never knew about.


For those of you that care, Jon and Craig are still going strong. :D

Ive picked the pressie were sending over the pond for Viv's bday :wizard:


Hugs to my sweetie :wub::hug:

Headache tablets to Joe.... hope the hangover wasnt bad :funny:

Timmy hope your sleeping soundly... :hug:

Kev... Have a good time anyway and I think your idea is great :)




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Thanks dude,


Take care of that big baby you've got there. :P I hope he's feeling better soon. The flu sucks no matter how one has it. :thumbdown:


Take it easy dude.

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