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so this is how pond scum feels



I'm feeling a bit murderous at the moment. I know this was probably a really bad idea, but I knew that a certain evil bastard had this blog, so I went there to read it. And imagine my shock when he's talking about me like I was the biggest bitch ever. I think he said something like "this space is probably going to get more interesting without the old hammer and sickle around" and "god it feels good to be single." I mean...ouch. He's talking about how he's building a collection of liquor to have sort of a home bar, and how he couldn't do that with me around (because I sort of thought there were more important things to spend money on, maybe?) This is something that I was noticing even before I left, that he seems to be trying to act like he's 16 again or something. He had three damn years of college before I was even in the same state as him. If anyone missed out on being young and stupid it was me. His whole reason for not wanting to be together anymore pretty much came down to the fact that he wanted to be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Christ, I don't know. I thought I wanted to try and stay friends, but if he's going to talk about me behind my back (on a public forum, no less) like I'm the bride of Satan or something, then screw him. Okay, just had to vent before I started breaking things. :D


On a lighter note, I went out with this old friend from high school yesterday, just to dinner and we hung around a bit. Actually I've known her since I was probably 8 or 9, but we haven't really kept in touch over the past few years, so it was really nice. Also, I mailed out two more deposit to RI, so I guess I'm committed now.


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He's a guy - he's genetically inclined to stupidity.


Now if you want to provide us with the blog address, I'm sure we could leave him some colorful comments regarding his thoughts.....



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He's a guy - he's genetically inclined to stupidity.

Steady on. Don't tar us all with the same brush.

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Maybe it is only straight guys who have that "stupidity gene"? Hmm...I think my bf might correct me on that one.


Sounds like you are well rid of him--though the bar idea sounds pretty cool. *stupidity gene showing*


And really, do share his blog address. It's way too hot out and I have some time to kill :mace:

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Thanks for the offers to post evil comments, but his journal is at this site you have to pay some ridiculous amount of money to subscribe to before you can so much as look at anything.


And it occured to me that maybe I was being a little hypocritical, seeing as how I'm bashing him here myself, but, eh, shut up. It's my turn.


Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. :D

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