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updates and a sleeping kitty



I've been having a bit of internet withdrawal here. I hate dialup! I tried to convince my mom she needed to get cable internet, but she's too cheap. 0:) Anyway, I haven't done anything more interesting than watch TV since I've been here, unless you count the minor crisis we had Saturday night. I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning and heard a strange noise coming from downstairs, so I went to investigate and discovered that the kitchen was flooded. A pipe broke or something under the sink, and my dad had to crawl under the house to shut the water off, while we used every towel we own plus about 5 bedsheets to soak up all the water. He fixed the pipe the next morning-we thought-but this afternoon it started leaking again, and he fixed it AGAIN, and hopefully it's finished now. The thing about my dad is that he's sort of like Tim Allen's character on that show Home Improvement. He's always convinced he can fix everything himself, but by the time he's finished he's fallen off a ladder/sliced his hand open/completely destroyed whatever he was trying to fix. The last time my mother discovered a problem with the plumbing, instead of telling him she called my aunt and "invited" her and my uncle (who can actually fix things) to visit for the weekend, and then magically discovered the problem while they were visiting. :lol:


I seriously hate the people next door. Actually there's just this one kid, who's maybe 18 or so, who lives there by himself, but there's people visiting him pretty much 24/7, and they're always being loud and blocking our driveway and generally looking shady. My parents are convinced the kid is selling drugs. I think he's just a pain in the ass.


Mark and I are trying to do the whole being friends thing. We've emailed each other a couple times, and it's really not been so bad. If anything the hard part is going to be that I really suck at keeping up with correspondence like that.


And finally, I heard from that school in PA that I've been waiting on forever, and the #$#%@! admissions guy tells me that the day division is full, and he can put me on a waiting list or I can go in the evening and finish in 4 years instead of 3. So screw that, I'm moving to RI.


Oh, and I've got a picture of one of my mom's cats that I thought was just too funny not to share. No, he's not dead, he's just asleep.




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Lmao! Did you check that cat's pulse?!


And you mean you've not been checking out the bright lights and excitement of WV? :D

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I SO would have poked that cat! Look at it! It's just so tempting... just a quick poke in the belly :D

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