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Another Friday gone but no hangover. Yippee. Not that there wasn't drinking. We actually got started around 5 pm, but mostly stayed away from anything other than beer, so no one really ended up in ridiculously bad shape. Like 9 of us had decided to have a little cookout, and of course it rained all day, but that didn't stop us. There was a balcony overhead blocking most of the rain, so it worked okay. If anyone's wondering, I had a veggie burger and they're really good done over charcoal. We also made s'mores, which was awesome. I haven't had those in years and years. Then there was a drinking game with ridiculously complicated rules, and I guess we started getting a bit loud, because these other people (all in our program, I think, although I only knew two of them) just come walking right into the apartment! The door was unlocked, I guess, and suddenly there's these people standing there and I'm wondering if I'm hallucinating, and it turns out they heard us from a few houses down and decided to come check out the party. Sooo then all 16 of us end up walking to this restaurant/bar and some people played pool and yada yada, and I talked to this pretty cool guy who was hanging out with us for the first time (don't even bother thinking it, it wasn't like that!) Anyway, after that the "others" went back to wherever and my roommate got it into her head that we just had to watch Top Gun, so some people came back to our apartment and some others got lost along the way, I guess, so there were just 4 of us by then. All I can say is it's a good thing everyone in our building had been out with us, cause every time "Danger Zone" came on my roommate turned the volume up so the house was practically shaking and everyone started singing along. I stuck around until the volleyball scene and then went to bed. :D So yeah, all in all not bad. I decided to stay home tonight so I could "get some work done" and of course I haven't done shit, and seeing as it's almost 9 pm I have a feeling I'll be working all day tomorrow, but that's okay.


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