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OMFG! it's finally done!



Yes, that's right, the refinance from hell is finished and as of Saturday I deposited a HUGE check into my bank account. Not that it matters all that much since it is all already spent, but in ways that are SO worth it! I am getting rid of my sister, fixing Rich's car so I don'y have to put the TAXI sign on top of MY NEW CAR!!! :2thumbs: Paying off all my debt, and it feels great! PS. Thanks to all of you who got in the 'kick Viv's sis' ass and then moved on over to the brother's ass' line, and especially to my sweetie who, it seems, should be sending me his phone bill this month. :wub:


My anthology entry is almost finished too! :D Hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow for sure and then after I get my Davey approval I can send it into Kitty! Excited, but still looking for a title, no worries though, I'm sure it'll come to me by the time I finish it.


Okay so... I guess you all know I edit for a few people.. Davey :wub: Dezlboi :wub: Jason, occasionally a few others, and now Shdowgod... so welcome to the club Steve! An elite group of writers we are :P but seriously.. I am quite impressed by his ability to capture moments in time in the way that he does. Take a few minutes, I promise it will be worth your while and read his story, it's fantastic and as I get deeper and deeper into it, I'm so hooked and connected to the characters. Here's a link... use it :Phttp://www.gayauthors.org/eficiton/viewstory.php?sid=189 It's called Living In Surreality.


So I was sick... still am a bit I guess, but nothing major. No fever or cough, just my head, feeling like it weighs a thousand pounds and not being able to breathe.. details right? But I feel some better today. Maybe it has to do with the two mornings I slept in until 10 am... or the whole day I spent in bed yesterday, except for when I had to go to work last night.


My friend had her sons' 4th birthday party Saturday.. the same friend who just had the baby... so I got to hold the baby, and snuggle her, and feed her, and freak the hell out of Rich :P He was like... Babe, you need to give the baby back, I think someone else wants a turn, NO!!!!!!!! which was funny cause I really am okay with us being done having kids, I actually enjoy the TINY bit of freedom we do get. But I love babies! :D Her son, everyone send him your good thoughts though please, since today he is having his second open heart surgery of his life, after only 4 short years. Good luck little guy!


More mail from Tobi! Still doing fine, but bored like crazy on the weekends and busier than heck on the weekdays.


Congratulations to Kevin and the new car! Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys, Kevin, Jason, Conner, Dio, and anyone else I missed.


So Davey made me :o about his anthology story... but still, it's very emotionally moving, grabs hold of you and won't let go till the end, and not even then! Don't forget to read that one for sure!


Guess I better get back to the writing, but I thought I better update this thing... it's been a while!


Hugs everyone!



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I'm glad that part of your nightmare is over and done with Vivian. :2thumbs:


I'll be thinking about the little guy, I swear no kid should have to go though that. :( I'm sure he's a :2hands: and will beat all the odds. :boy:


Anyway, I can't wait to see how your next story goes. Your really good at it, you know that?!?


:hug: until next time,



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Yay! :2thumbs: I'm so glad for you! That's awesome that you finished all the refinancing and got everything sorted out! :D:great:


Poor baby, I feel so sorry for him :( Let us know how he does.


:wub: about the cute baby you got to hold :D


I definitely plan to check out Steve's story!


Take care and have an awesome day! :D



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My friend just called and said her son is fine, slight fever and an irregular heart beat, but that's normal! :D:D :D So yay!

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