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The Final Countdown



Today is the last day to submit stories to the proof team for inclusion in the anthology. I feel like we need a New Year’s Eve type countdown as we approach midnight, EST, complete with champagne and confetti.  Of course, there’s still work for the proof team to do, but we’ll be able to take a break soon.  Maybe. 

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So the big question with this year’s anthology is “did we reach the goal of twenty stories?”.  Well, I’m going to let the question go unanswered until the antho goes live.  But I will say give yourselves a round of applause and a giant pat on the back because whether we met the goal or not, we’ve got quite an impressive and unique variety of stories and poetry for your reading pleasure.  I will also say we’re very close to twenty, but I won’t say which side of the number we’re on.  You’ll have to tune in over the next few weeks to find out. 

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in the anthology.  The proof team, @cia, @myr, authors, poets, readers, editors, beta readers, and everyone who commented on my anthology blogs.  You guys are all rock stars!

Now I’d like to issue another challenge.  Now that the stories are written and ready to go live, it’s time for readers to step up. Instead of reading only the stories written by your favorite authors or poets, read all of them and give the anthology your full support.  React to the story, chapter, and leave a comment.  Authors love hearing from readers.  The stories will be spaced out over the course of a month, so that will make it easier to read all of them.

Finally, another reminder for authors/poets to post the links to their works once they’re returned from the proof team.  PM either me or Cia and we’re happy to help with any issues. 


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