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My excuses

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I wanted to do a blog to kinda explain myself for being late with the next chapter of One Moment. It needs quite a bit added to it and I haven

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My daughter had problems with her leg in high school. At first we thought she had somehow strained her knee and we did home care. Then we thought she was getting worse because of marching band -- besides the sheer hard work of it, she had a lt of stress in that, being the lead bagpipe player (yes, they have a bagpipe unit with their band) and interpersonal conflicts she had to deal with (and did, gracefully, though itr cost her in tears at home). She ended up doing her last two marches in a wheelchair (pushed by me! And the last one was five miles in the Hawaiian heat!)


She did physical therapy,steroid therapy, and finally got a laminectomy-discetomy. Here's the deal. Statistically, a lot of people have degenrative discs that show up in MRIs, and a lot of people have sciatica or back pain. A lot of the people in those groups overlap: but a lot of the people in the overlapping group are coincidences -- something else is causing sciatica or back pain. If you do the surgery without doing other treatments first, you'll end up with a group of people who have no better results, statisically, than the group of people who didn't have surgery. So you have to do the physical therapy first, and do it like your life depended on it, and then you have to do the steroid shots as if your life depended on it (the shots turned out to be unpleasant and ineffective for Emma, but that isn't the case for everyone). And in any case you have to keep doing the exercises, at least the ones that work. And bear in mind that there is the possibility that some exercises might not be the right ones for you but that doesn't mean that physical therapy is wrong for you. Go back with any complaints you have and get the program fine-tuned.


Once you've done all these things, if it turns out they're not working for you, and you have the surgery, it's much more likely to be the right thing for you. Sometimes problems persist (I think because they are caused by more than one thing). Go back to the doctor. You can always address them, they can always be made better.

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Vance, Just want you to know that this Mainiac is wishing you the best as you move through these new adventures in your life. I think part of the reason I am on my boat is my daughter's being on medication which affects her emotions.. So perhaps support also to those who are lucky enough to share your life. I would love to offer advice but will just trust in those there with you.


The worst part of my leaving on this boat adventure was the subsequent loss of my dog. I still miss her sooo much. Good luck with the kitty and lets hope that ... The CAt Came Back..




Steve SV GAndalf Portland currently in Spain or perhaps Morocco.

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Well, Vance, simply put, your health comes first. It doesn't take a Mother Theresa to understand what you're going through. Back pain can be horrific...and scary, too.


So, get well (Kitty too). That's an order. Mind your elders. :2hands:


My only advice is that suspend that morning gymnastic routine you do...especially that triple somersault dismount off the high bar. :P





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Hi Vance:


You need to do what you need to do, and your fans will always be there for you.


Your story will wait as you and Kitty return to health.


My best,



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Sheesh, sounds like things have been kinda crappy lately. I would be a total mess if anything happened to any of my cats. I'm lucky that they've never had any problems, even after all they've been through, traveling on an airplane for 24 hours, being moved around several times, etc. I know how much you love your cat, so I also know you're probably more concerned about her than your own health. Just make sure to take good care of yourself, and you, Sam, and Kitty will be in my thoughts.





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As someone who is suffering the "advantages" of not such good health, may I add my best wishes for you and your cat.

Count me amongst the fans who will wait patiently for you both to regain your health.

The story and us will wait.


Best wishes. :hug:



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Best wishes for better health, both for you and for your cat. The story can wait--health comes first. I'll be thinking of both of you (and Sam, too).





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Take care of yourself, and your cat.


Hey your just going to have to stop throwing hot guys over your shoulder, and taking them home with you........make them walk.


No need to explain, life throws all of us off balance at times. :hug:


We'll be here.



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I can relate on the cat. My parents have 12 fur balls and one of them had a cancer spot on his pawl. The doc's removed it.... he's still going strong 1 year later. He's been wanting all this extra attention.


As for back pain..... take your time.... We will wait forever for the next chapter.


I've had a kidney stone going for the last 3 weeks.... so I know all about waiting.


Take care.

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That's not an excuse. It's a reason.


Since I can't help in either case, other than to wish you and your feline friend a speedy recovery, I'll just say take care, your friends here at GA will be here when you are ready. :)





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