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I figured after my last blog I owe you guys an update about what's going on. I'll start with my cat. She's still doing great. She's gained about three pounds though and I'm kind of scared to take her back to the vets at the end of the month, cause he may yell at me for over feeding her. But I mean really, if someone tells you your kitty is not going to be able to eat for much longer wouldn't you feed her anything and everything she wants in the meantime? I just didnt' expect her to live another four months and now she's in the habit of eating whenever she gives the slightest hint. When I don't feed her she gets aggressive by digging me in the face. Not real hard but hard enough to jump me and say 'okay okay you win!' I tried feeding her less every time but then she just asks to be fed twice as much. Sam suggested 'light' cat food so I think I'm going to buy some of that this week and see how she likes it. I can say one thing though, she's awful cute as a little fatty! But the last thing I want is for her to struggle with this cancer only to die of a heart attack from being overweight. I guess I'm a big ole softy cause I can't seem to say no to my cat.


As far as my back is concerned I'm doing better. I spent a week in bed since my last blog and after that it gradually started to get better. It's still there and still hurts when I move just right but nothing compared to what it was. My doctor still wants me to have surgery though. I have some nerve damage and my leg is still very weak. He said there was a 1 percent chance of him making me worse and a 99 percent chance of him making me better. I guess most of the reason people wouldn't get the surgery is because of a risk of nerve damage but since I already have that he says there's no reason not to go ahead with it. It's not a major surgery, I won't have to spend anytime in the hospital except maybe one night and that's just cause I live so far away. They expect I'll only be out of work for a couple weeks too and that's good because I only have two weeks of time coming to me. So the surgery is going to be in September, so I have plenty of time to fret over it in the meantime.


I hope to get started working on One Moment again soon and I really really thank everyone for being so patient with me.

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The surgery in question is a discectomy, right? My daughter had that last year. It was a beautiful thing. She it took maybe three months for her to stop needing any pain meds and she could walk almost right after.


But the protocol for disc problems hereabouts is: first you get phyiscal therapy -- did you do that? -- then they try injecting the area with stuff, and then they go for the surgery. This was with a clear MRI picture showing a truly messed up disc. The reason for the protocol is that some people get better with the "less invasive" procedures and some people don't get better with the surgery. Anyway, whichever route you choose, my best wishes!

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Oh Vancey :hug:


I feel like such a bad friend finding out that you were confined to bed for a week through your blog. I'm also SO sorry for you :hug: I'm really glad you're doing better though, but YIKES stuck in bed for a whole week! You poor thing :(


That surgery does sound kind of scary, but it definitely sounds like it has the potential to be something really good for you.


You still getting on MSN around the same times? I probably won't be able to catch up with you in the afternoon/evenings for awhile yet, but I'd love to chat! Maybe I can drag my butt out of bed early one morning.


Take care, feel better, and I hope everything works out okay :)


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he's awful cute as a little fatty!


:( I can't believe you talk about Sam like that :(




Miss chatting with you on MSN. I know, I'm the one who hasn't been on like I used to.


*hugs* Vic

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I am so glad to here the cat is doing better and that you are too. If you are anything like the people in my life the wait for the surgery will be a piece of work.. Hopefully you will have cats and partners and life to distract you as much as possible. I came so close to e mailing you to see how you were but didn't want to be intrusive. Just that your stories are so clost to my past life work and also being fellow Mainiacs.. Again best wishes to you and your er family.. Steve SV Gandalf Gibraltar

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Hi Vance!


Thanks for the update! I know it won't be easy to wait for the surgery, but it will definitely be worth it on the other side.


I'm glad to hear about Kitty as well. She's a FIGHTER!!!!


And I'm sure I speak on behalf of all of your fans when I say take your time - get well - and we'll be thinking of you while you work towards getting fixed up.


My best,



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I'm glad things are going so well with Kitty, but sorry to hear you still need surgery.


Take care, take it easy, and get well soon. :hug:


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I read all your stories a little over a year ago. I especially like One Moment, but it hasn't been updated in nearly two years but clearly is not finished. Any chance it will be?

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