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Night of the Bloody Cat Nightmare

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I was sitting at my computer desk one week ago yesterday chatting online (like usual) about 8:30 at night when my cat runs across the desk. I didn

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awwww, you poor thing, Vancey. I'm so glad she's doing better!


LOL, you hadn't told me about the part where all your coworkers were whispering to avoid waking her! :lol:


Take care and have an awesome day! :D:wub:


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:hug: What a horrible experience! That sounds just like some of my nightmares where I need to get one of the cats to the vets right away and either there aren't any open or I can't find the phone number or I keep dialing it wrong. They should have at least one vet with an after hours emergency number. That is completely irresponsible of them not to. Do they think emergencies only happen during normal office hours?


Poor little kitty. Do you have any idea how she might have cut herself like that? I know cats can get very creative in what they put in their mouths. Mine have gone into the garbage can to find and lick a particularly enticing can lid from time to time. Then there are the staples that they always want to eat and the ONE PIN that falls on the floor that you couldn't find if you went over the floor with a magnet and a magnifying glass but which one of the cats will find IMMEDIATELY and try to eat. Cats are worse than kids. Hmm... well, it is close anyway.


I'm so glad she is ok. I can imagine what you went through and I would have been in the same condition as you at the vets. I love how the people at work were whispering so they wouldn't wake her. That's great. And isn't it great how cats really can let you know when they are pissed at you? They have such moods and are so expressive.

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As cats are carnivores and often eat things that aren't exactly thrilled about being eaten, injuries to the mouth and tongue are common. Mice, squirrels and other rodents with piercing teeth often get in one last bite or claw before they go off to the great beyond.


Mouth injuries from fighting other cats are far less common. They can get scratches almost anywhere but they avoid getting their paws near enemy teeth. Bite injuries are most common on the ears, back of the head, neck and back.


I suggest that any serious cat people get a copy of:


The Cornell Books of Cats: The Comprehensive and Authoritative Medical Reference for Every Cat and Kitten

Mordecai Siegal: Villard:1997. ISBN 0679449531


It is written for vets as a reference for felis catus and their associated problems but contains a wealth of valuable information for any cat owner. It is especially helpful when you can speak the language when you are talking to the vet which saves time and improves understanding.

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Awwwww Vancer :hug:


How utterly scary! :(


Glad she's fine now and you too, and I LOVE the whispering story! FANTASTIC! :D


Hugs, :wub:



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It totally amazes me how some vet clinics can be so callus toward people and their pets. :devil:


What did they think you were bull shitting them? :wacko:


But they won't hesitate to overcharge you for their services. :angry:


I'm happy puss-n-boots is better. :2thumbs:


Now you know how to get special treatment at work......bring the cat.



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I can barely imagine how worried you must have been. That's the kind of stuff of nightmares indeed.

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Glad it wasn't too much of an issue and only a few stitches... still that would creep me out too.


Glad your kitty is doing much better now. :2thumbs:

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