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The FCC can KMA



I decided to post my opinions here, because I'm not sure if my level of outrage is allowed in the forum. Yes, I mean it. The Federal Communications Commission can kiss my ass. They are a bunch of fascist pigs who should not even exist. Everyone remembers a few years ago when Janet Jackson showed her boob on tv and the unnecessary outrage it caused. I'm more outraged by the outrage personally. In Europe, the outrage would be over the fact that she didn't do so 10-20 years earlier when her breasts would have still been perky. In the UK, they show everything but erect penises on tv. Why should we be any different? In an age when there is blood and gore everywhere, a penis is out of the question. Am I the only one who sees a problem here? I think it's such a crock. Don't even get me started on the radio. They bleep the word, ass. That's insane! There is not a child on this planet who hasn't heard that word.


The only good thing the FCC does is regulate the products. Yes, radios and televisions should meet safety requirements, but censorship is terrible. Why would anyone want such a regulatory agency? I pay my freakin' taxes, and there are a lot of things that money should be used for, but it should not be for censor tv shows or songs on the radio!

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Yea, and most times half the shit they bleep out or won't do know isn't against the fcc, there afraid of these groups, but half the people I like now are on Xm or Sirius.


and to be honest not alot of people where freak out about Janet Jackson, it's these groups that has some people send tons and tons of emails letters.

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